Friday, November 3, 2017

RED SUNNIES! 💋 - Part 1

Hello loves! It's been a while since my last look hã?! (But who is counting anyway?!)

My husband and I decided to take advantage of the holiday to take pictures, but we made so many photos, that I decided to make two posts, otherwise I would be a bit "too much" and I won't stop posting, because I loved the result 😂

I chose this look around my red sunnies, which I have for years and is one of my favorite accessories! I wanted to make a half vintage footprint and so I put on this jeans jacket, full of pins, to complement the look.

I hope you like it too!

Photos: @luizcarlosrb 💘
Sunnies: Chilli Beans
Jacket: Pool
Sandals: Via marte
Pins: Norte Rock

Instagram: @NATIMILENA

A big kiss and until the 2nd part of this look! 💋

Friday, January 6, 2017

News of the week #1!

Hello everybody! I can't believe we're in 2017 already! 2016 is gone and it was so fast.. but anyway, 2017! I wish this year can be nothing but awesome to you and your family! <3

So, let's start! I decided to create a new tag that I will call "News of the week" for now, 'cause I couldn't think about a better name, so if you have any sugestions, please let me know in the comments!
 In this tag I'll share with you some links, videos, photos.. news in general of the things that I wrote about and liked/moved me somehow. So roll down 'cause we have so many things!

1. Mariah Carey fail!?

On a New Year show, singer Mariah Carey made a presentation that didn't work very well. In the first song she tried to lip-sync, practice that many singers use, but she ended up getting lost. In the second song she starts well and, after a while, she just gives up .. anyway, it's weird to watch what happened, but it was one of the most talked about subjects. Watch below a video of Marcio Guerra, with her presentation.

This event had a very positive point after all, I remembered many songs of Mariah that I simply LOVE. I ended up listening to the album "Emancipation of Mimi", which is one of my favorites, and watched several clips that I used to watch in infinite loop when I was younger. So I'll leave here two videos so that we do not forget that the presentation went wrong for some reason, which can happen to anyone, but Mariah is MARIAH! haha <3


2. Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale duet!

Ooooh how I miss the High School Musical times! We used to go to school singing "we're soariiing .. flyiiiiing! There's no star in heaven that we can not reach! If we try.. so we're breaking freeeee!!"

Don't you even try to say you didn't sang, 'cause I know you did! We all wanted to be Sharpay to ride in that pink car and wear that bunch of AMAZINGS things she wore! I wanted \ haha.

And this week, singer/actress Ashley Tisdale posted on her youtube channel (which was another discovery because I didn't even know she had a channel!) a video where she and Vanessa Hudgens sing a version of Ex's & Oh's. The video already passed 6 million views in just 2 days and I just.. LOVED!


I feel so much joy when I think about the many cool movies that are going to debut and that will be reasons to go to the movies! I love movies! Buuut this movie, in particular, this one I can't miss! In the cast we have Júlio Cocielo, Mauro nakada, Felipe Castanhari, Cauê Moura, Muca Muriçoca, Rafinha Bastos, Christian Figueiredo.. so many youtubers gathered in one production, it will be incredible! The film will out on february 23rd. Check out the official trailer!


I wrote a post about #Girlboss show on Netflix a while ago, but this week the instagram @Girlbosstv posted a photo with the caption "April 2017 on @Netflix" and I freaked out! I really admire the work of Sophia Amoruso and, after knowing that Britt Robertson will play Sophia's character on the show I was even more happy/anxious/curious! Who else feels the same way?! \o

Uma foto publicada por GIRLBOSS (@girlbosstv) em

5. Capture your Style, the book of Aimee Song!

It's been a while since the fashion blogger Aimee Song, from the blog Song of Style, released her book intitled "Capture Your Style", but I only find out about it now :D

Uma foto publicada por Aimee Song (@songofstyle) em

For those who are interested in creating their own brand or want to make instagram a business, the book is perfect! Song shares tips, talks about photo editing and ways to grow on the social network. I found the book so gorgeous and I love books of bloggers, because they are people with whom we identify and ends up being inspired, gaining an extra inspiration to go ahead. So it's already on my wish list this year!

If you do not want to wait to buy yours, you always have the digital option in the Play Store. 

6. The before and after of rescued dogs!

Here is one of my biggest passion, dogs. I love love love dogs and I follow many accounts of independt rescue, where many people help those puppies with no family, no home. I get so impressed with some cases of neglect and abandon that I see on social networks that sometimes we lose faith in humanity.

But this week I read this post about dogs that were rescued in a very sad situation, but that were treated so well that they look completly different, beautiful and happy today! To me this is was inspirational and I decided to share it with you all. You can check the full post HERE!

7. Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds Bright Lights Documentary!

In December of 2016 the world lost Carrie Fischer, the eternal Princess Leia of the Star Wars saga and, just two days later, the actress Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie, also passed away. The deaths have touched people all around the world and HBO is releasing a documentary about the two of them, who were mother and daughter as neighbors and best friends. I found the trailer super exciting and, as I love documentaries, I'm already anxious!

8. A Mãe dos Dragões voltou as filmagens!

Oh, how we LOVE Emilia Clarke! And how anxious we are to see the mother of dragons rock with everybody and everything on the next season of Game of Thrones! This week Emilia published on her instagram account a photo that shows her dressed up like Khaleesi, showing us that she is back on filming! OMG! Are we so curious to watch the next season yes or of course??!! \o

And these were the things that happened during this week that caught my eye. What else did you see around? Share with me! 

I wish you an excellent weekend! Big Kiss :*

Monday, December 19, 2016

Welcome to the English version.. finally!

Hello everybody!
How are you doing?

This post is just an update, just to inform you that this blog, finally, had a very simple, but importat change: the English version.

Those who follow the blog know that, the most part of my lats posts, I wrote in Portuguese and English, because I wanted my content to be available to the most people possible, but I thought that was time to change, so I created the English version. From now on, you can read this blog in Portuguese or in English. The last posts won't change, so if you want to check them out, you can click HERE and read the others written in both languages (Portuguese and English).

To access any of the versions, just click on the little flag of your choice on the top of the page and voilá.. the magic happens! haha

So, that's it! Thank you so much for following the blog and for support for it's continues growing. If you're not one of us (fashion lovers) yet, please subscribe to receive the latest posts of the blog, some great sales updates, news about the fashion world and more!

A big kiss and see you later! :*

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jeans Polka Dots Romper!

Hello everybody! So long, no see!

I took a vacation and I went to Espírito Santo, a state I love!
One of the best things about traveling is being able to meet your friends, and a friend that I loved to meet again was Elenilda, from Ellegance Modas Store, that is located in Iúna, Espírito Santo. The store was partner of the blog for a long time and Elenilda always believed in my ideas. She always encouraged me to keep going and she gave me total liberty to create (those who work with content creation knows how important liberty is). Anyway, I took the opportunity and photographed a look for the blog. In name of the old times! haha

I chose this jumpsuit with polka dots print, which I loved! Jumpsuits are such practical pieces! Just dress, choose the shoes and that's it! PRACTICALITY! haha

I found this a super feminine model and combined with simple jewelry (necklace with light point, bracelet with pearls and a light point earring as well). On my feet I put on my white and blue Adidas sneakers, because nowadays I'm always looking for comfort ;)

My dear Elenilda, was so good seeing you again! Thank you for your support and I wish you much success! I wish your store keep growing  more and more every day!

Big kiss! :*